Shimmering Skies Card Reveals: Five new cards

Ravensburger continues to tease and reveal new Shimmering Skies cards on their social media and in their official Discord. Over the past couple days, they have revealed five new cards. Let's take a look at them and do some quick evaluations.

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Card Evaluations

First up, the two vanillas. Obviously, as vanilla cards, the chance they see play is slim. But it is worth noting that they both have 4 Strength, which is the best Strength number you can have right now, as it dodges both Madame Medusa - The Boss and World's Greatest Criminal Mind.

The other cards have a bit more going on. 005-069 is a lot of lore on a Ward character, making it very hard to deal with him when he hits the board. But I think he's probably too expensive, even with his ability, to see consistent play. Especially as an uninkable. 005-123 has a similar problem as an expensive uninkable card. At least he can be shifted out at a discount, but there aren't any good Ratigan shift targets currently. But mostly I think he's an underwhelming body, even at 4-cost, with an ability that is not all that exciting.

005-196 is more AoE damage in Steel. AoE damage is usually good but this card is a bit pricy and has the drawback of having to choose what kind of AoE damage you deal. It's also not a song, which means you are always paying 5 ink for this effect. The reason Grab Your Sword is so good is because there are so many ways to sing for 5 as early as turn 3 in Steel. This card can only be played turn 5, or at best turn 4 in Sapphire, so it's slower than Sword. Maybe this card goes in as a 1 or 2-of in Steel lists, but only if hitting that 3 damage breakpoint over 2 damage is super important and Evasive threats are prevalent in the meta.

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