Shimmering Skies Card Reveals: Mickey and Minnie and Stitch

Three new cards from Shimmering Skies were revealed by Ravensburger on the official Lorcana Discord over the past days. We've got a Mickey and Minnie duo in Ruby as well as a new Stitch card, the first Stitch in Steel.

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Card Evaluations

This is the first time we are seeing a Mickey and Minnie card that work together. But will this be a match made in heaven? Probably not. Looking at Mickey, we've seen a bunch of cards that gain strength based on certain conditions and none of them have been very good. The Minnie is a bit better. She's like a Shere Khan - Menacing Predator but only for Mickeys. There are a lot of Mickeys in the game, but surprisingly, for as iconic and important a character as Mickey is, none of them are very good. Secondly, Shere Khan himself has failed to make a big impact so I don't see this more limited version making a splash.

Stitch, on the other hand, is a card that could definitely see play. It's a 002-171 that deals 2 damage instead of 1. That's a big deal. Sure, you are losing 2 strength, but that is fine. It's also uninkable, but I think it may be worth running a couple just to cleanly deal with opposing Diablos and the like.

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