Shimmering Skies Card Reveals: Remember Who You Are, You’re Welcome, and a new Scar

We have a trio of Emerald card reveals to look at today. Two of these cards were revealed at the official announcement of Shimmering Skies and the third was revealed earlier today. All of these reveals come to us courtesy of Ravensburger directly. Let's take a look!

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Card Evaluations

I like that each of these cards provides some card draw and all in ways that work within established Emerald archetypes. 005-093 fits alongside the "when opponents are damaged" abilities that other Emerald cards have, such as 003-074. So far, this archetype has not been the best, but there will certainly come a time where enough synergy emerges and then this Scar could be a great card draw option for those decks.

The two Actions are more immediately intriguing. You're Welcome provides 002-060's effect but as its own card that can also target items and locations. This sort of flexibility of removal or bounce-plus-card-draw is great and should be a perfect fit for the Amethyst/Emerald Tempo decks. Plus it's inkable and a song. Seems great.

005-097 is the newest Shimmering Skies reveal and offers a potential big draw payoff, if you can empty your hand faster than your opponent. This sort of draw effect can be very powerful in an aggressive deck that wants to play a lot of cheap stuff and then refill its hand. The main drawbacks here are it is uninkable and a bit costly at 4 ink while simultaneously doing absolutely nothing if your opponent doesn't have more cards than you. So while this can still be a playable card, it will need the right deck and the right meta.

More Spoilers

All Shimmering Skies reveals can be found on our set 5 preview page. Keep abreast of all the latest news and cards!


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