Shimmering Skies Card Reveals: Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen 2 and Legendary Merlin

Shimmering Skies is the next expansion set coming to Disney Lorcana, as announced by Ravensburger in a one hour livestream on Twitch. In this set, we are seeing the first real introduction of Wreck-It Ralph characters, as well as characters from Frozen 2. Let's take a quick look at some of the cards that were revealed with the new set announcement and evaluate them.

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Card Evaluations

I love to see Wreck-It Ralph properly making its way into Lorcana. Unfortunately, this first batch of card reveals for it are not too exciting. The Racers all look like starter deck quality, which means they will be mainly for casual play. Unless we see an absolutely broken Racer build-around card, I don't think any of these cards will see competitive play.

005-104 himself seems interesting though and could find a home in a self-damage deck. That deck still needs more payoffs than just "healing for card draw" to really be playable though. If the deck gets more support in this set though, Ralph could be a nice piece, as he synergizes with Ruby's self-damage and readying cards.

For Frozen 2 representation, we have 005-040, who looks like a solid draft card but nothing too exciting in constructed. 005-013 could find a home in a Steelsong deck, as they will be playing a lot of songs anyway. 005-048 is probably the most interesting of these, as her combination of abilities makes her a great counter to Evasive characters like Diablo - Devoted Herald. I just wish she had more strength.

The most intriguing card from these reveals is probably 005-159. He is the first true "tutor" card we have seen in Lorcana. Tutor is a term from Magic the Gathering that basically means being able to search your deck for a specific card and then adding it to your hand. This sort of effect can be very powerful, although it is tempered somewhat by the fact that you have to Shift out Merlin for it to trigger. The "have to Shift to get a payoff" cards are definitely a bit clunky, as they can often get stuck in your hand if you're never able to stick a Shift target to the board. But this card is definitely one to keep an eye on.

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