There’s High Value in Attending Disney Lorcana Challenge Events


The Disney Lorcana Challenges (DLCs) have been the most exciting events in Lorcana’s short history.  Attending a high level competitive event that is strictly focused on Lorcana is such a refreshing and fun part of playing the game, but there is more to these events than simply enjoying one event.  The number and value on the side events throughout the weekend make these DLCs must attend events if you are able to.  For any competent Lorcana player, the expected value of attending these events, if you are lucky enough to get a ticket and can join, is off the charts, but let’s see how we maximize that value and truly understand what you should expect from joining these events.

The Basics

  • Entry Fee to Challenge (Competitor): $55
  • Entry Fee to Challenge (Attendee): $23

Competitor is the basic entry fee to the Challenge itself, and gets you your 001-P1-025 Promo and early check in gets you the convention Promo. Attendee is not a separate fee, but only for those who could not get into the main event itself.  It is important to note that you do not need both badges but I want to analyze the effect of simply being an Attendee as well as a competitor.  Attendees are given six prize wall tickets instead of the promos.

  • Current Value of Dragon Fire: $85 
  • Current Value of Flotsam and Jetsam: $20

Dragon Fire and the current convention promo Flotsam and Jetsam are currently in a race to the bottom. There are more and more of these cards that are put into the wild with each Challenge event, and thus players are determined to make back the money spent on attending these events (they need to read this article to find out how and stem this tide!). 

So therefore if you show up and check in early, and simply play in the event for a few rounds, you are currently ahead of the entry fee:  $55 vs. $105!

DLC Prizes

This breakdown is based on DLC Chicago, which was capped at 1024 players.  When the cap is double that, the prizes are also double that.  Fort Worth for example will follow the increased prizing, but since the Prize tickets were newly added as prizes, I am going to to assume they stay the same.

The goal of the DLC is to have a competitor badge and finish in as high a placing as possible.  Here is the breakdown of how the prizes are given out for the main event with approximately their current Market value:

(2048 Players, Fort Worth, assuming the Prize Wall tickets are the same breakdown)

(Prices are approximate current value) 

  • Let It Go: $1,300
  • Cinderella - Stouthearted: $3,000
  • Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing: $6,000
  • Rapunzel Playmat: $3,000
  • Golden Mickey: ??????  ($25k plus?)

I am not going to calculate any type of Expected Value for finishing in any placing that is going to win you any sweet foil promo cards.  I feel the minimum goal of any player going to a DLC is 30 points to secure the 20 ticket bounty.  Prize Wall tickets are the second and arguably most important reason for attending DLCs!

Securing 30 points will win you 20 Prize Wall Tickets, and assuming you use those 20 tickets on the non-foil Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing promo valued at approximately $150-200, you would be looking to secure, at minimum, another $150-200 for playing well at the event.  

So now finishing outside the Day 2 cutoff, but good enough to have a “decent weekend” gets you $255-$305 with the given out promos and the Rapunzel you use your tickets on, but you have options!

Understanding the Prize Wall and Prize Tickets:

The focus for the  side events at the DLCs are on the prize tickets. The scheduled side events sold out in minutes with their small player caps so realistically you are looking at on-demand pods to gather tickets throughout Sunday.  If you are going to a DLC as an attendee it may make more sense to join the scheduled side events during Day 1 and try and get in them during Day 2, which may have a better payout ratio. Otherwise, your ability to get enough tickets for any higher end prizes is a complicated venture for the on-demand side events.

On Demand Pods are Single Elimination.


  • 1 Participation Ticket
  • Top 4 - 2 Tickets
  • 2nd - 5 Tickets
  • 1st - 10 Tickets

So winning a Draft/Constructed/Sealed Pod only gets you half-way to a Rapunzel!

If we assume a Rapunzel to be $150-200 and it costs you 20 tickets to get one (a Cinderella is 18 tickets and is $125-160 so the math is similar, just harder to see the numbers) a ticket is worth essentially $7.50 to $10. Now the direct purchasing of prize tickets is prohibited but you may want to trade for some or at least understand what you are getting for your entry fee.

For example, a $35 Draft Pod gets you a guaranteed ticket and you open four packs, with a shot to open high value cards, like enchanteds, and actually win more tickets! With retail on packs being around $6 and the ticket itself worth $7.50-$10, this value is not bad to actually be able to play for another $75-$100 in prizes!

The Ultimate Ticket Prize: the coveted Cinderella Playmat!

Yes that is me (left) with my business partner at The Forbidden Mountain, Dan, winning our Cinderella Mat for 90 tickets in Chicago!

Using the math we established above and the cost of the Cinderella Mat being 90 tickets, you would think the mat is only worth $675 to $900, however that is very low compared to its market value. The reason is because it so much easier to sell the non-foil promo cards, so most players are aiming to earn 18-20 tickets, and even if you earned 20 on Day 1, getting another 70 is a tall feat, unless you have a way of combining tickets with friends/teammates.

This playmat typically sells for around $1100, putting the price per ticket if you are going after the playmat at a much higher $12.22 a ticket. That is the "playmat premium" you find on ticket prices, and frankly why you do not see many of them for sale "in the wild" right now: for most of the player base it simply makes sense to get as many non-foil promos as possible and sell them quickly at or below market value without having to put all your eggs into the playmat basket.

The foiling looks much better in real life!

A Word about Travel and Lodging Costs

Clearly I did not address an elephant in the room: Travel Costs and Opportunity Costs. I estimate the all-in travel and lodging costs with AirBnBs or Hotels (I stayed in an AirBnB in Atlanta, the hotel where the event was in Chicago) to be around $550-600 total. If you live closer without having to fly or want to be a road warrior I am sure that cost can be cut down!

I am not factoring in my PTO usage because for most of us it is a "use it or lose it" kind of deal and I am not here to tell you how or when to spend it (and when you work at a place for 20 years like me, a you have a lot of PTO so..).

There are also meals at events, but hey if you are like me you already go out to eat too much as it is, am I right?

My point is, you cannot put a value on how you get to events and how you spend your time, if you do well at the events you can also make up these costs as well, but they all require you to be finishing at above average and have a really solid day 2 in side events as well!


Attending a DLC is currently the pinnacle of organized play for Lorcana. Not only are they a great time to interact with the community, fans, the staff at Ravensberger, and just generally have a great time away playing Lorcana, but there is tremendous value in attending at well. As a competent player you are already ahead on the ticket itself, up around $45-50. If you reach the 20 ticket threshold and do not try and get the Cinderella Playmat on Day 2 (or fail to get it) you are still looking at another $150-200 in value. That means you are walking away, before factoring in travel costs, with around $200-250 just for showing up and performing average (over half of Chicago reached the 30 point threshold by the way!), with the ability to win even more.

If you reach the main event Day 2 or beyond, you just paid for the rest of the season of events! If you do well in Day 2 side events and 3-0 a couple of events, each of those leaves you up another $75-100 each! Where else can you just play Lorcana for a weekend with the opportunity to win such great prizes and come out ahead, have a great time, and most importantly hang out with friends?

It is not all about winning, but I do not want players to be overwhelmed or intimidated by the events, know that with a good head on your shoulders and playing at an above average clip with a plan in place to execute, you can really turn each DLC into a profitable venture for you and your friends!


Scott Landis is a 30-year Trading Card Game professional, and former writer for the World of Warcraft TCG and Transformers TCG among others.  Currently he is an owner of The Forbidden Mountain, a Lorcana YouTube Page and TCG player Store. You can follow them on YouTube and please use their TCGplayer Store (same cost as the marketplace). You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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