Disney Lorcana wins Best Ongoing Card Game at Tabletop Awards 2023

The Tabletop Awards are an annual award given out by tabletop gaming site Dicebreaker that "look to recognise the very best the hobby has to offer across board games, tabletop RPGs, card games and more". This year's award winners were just announced at PAX Unplugged and Disney Lorcana took home the prize for Best Ongoing Card Game!

You can see the award announcement along with Lorcana co-designer Steve Warner's acceptance speech in the video below.

In addition, Dicebreaker writes about the game in their post covering the awards:

The First Chapter showed that Lorcana was a TCG worth paying to past the star power of its characters, with gameplay that applied smart twists to familiar TCG ideas while keeping things wholly accessible for a new audience of players.

The First Chapter has already been followed by second set Rise of the Floodborn, which has helped cement Lorcana as a breakthrough TCG deserving of its place alongside the Big Three. With gameplay smarts and that irresistible Disney magic, it’s less the biggest TCG of the year and more the biggest TCG in decades.


That is some high praise! It's good to see the game getting recognition amongst the tabletop gaming community. Let's hope the reprints and rereleases will allow even more people to experience the game and it will just continue to grow from here.


An avid player of card games since he got hooked on the Star Wars CCG back in his teens, Phil "gutshot" Bicking is excited to share his years of expertise to players of Lorcana.

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