Disney Lorcana Tier List

Discover the best Disney Lorcana decks and archetypes that players are using to climb the ranked ladder and win tournaments. Our tier list is updated weekly, alongside our meta reports.


Tier 1 decks are the best and most prevalent decks in the game. With high win rates on the ladder and strong showings at tournaments, these are the top decks available right now.

Tier 2 decks are a step down from the top tier. They are still very strong decks in their own right, boasting a solid win rate and a decent amount of games played. They however generally have a weak matchup or two, or maybe need a bit more refinement, which keeps them from breaking into the upper echelon.

Tier 3 decks are playable decks but they have some noticeable weaknesses. They might be strong decks that are currently being pushed out of the meta by a bad matchup against a top tier deck or just decks that have a very high matchup variance.

Tier List

TierDeck NameTop 8s
Tier 1 Emerald/Steel Bucky Discard15
Amethyst/Ruby Bounce Control9
Sapphire/Steel Ramp Wheel3
Ruby/Sapphire Pawpsicle Control3
Tier 2 Amber/Steel Steelsong1
Amethyst/Emerald Tempo1
Amber/Ruby Red Mufasa0
Amber/Emerald Discard0
Tier 3 Amethyst/Steel Tempo0
Amber/Amethyst Hyper Aggro0
Top 8s are from tournaments with 50+ players between July 8 - July 14

For further breakdowns of each deck and analysis of the meta as a whole, be sure to check out our weekly meta reports.