Disney Lorcana’s organized play plans announced: regionals in 2024, world championship in 2025

Ravensburger has revealed the plans for the future of competitive play for Disney Lorcana. Up until now, all competitive events for Lorcana were organized by third parties. But, starting in May, we will see the launch of the Disney Lorcana Challenge, which will consist of officially-sponsored local tournaments leading to regional championships and, eventually, a world championship event!

Disney Lorcana Challenge

The details for the Disney Lorcana Challenge have been revealed in an article on TheGamer:

The Challenge begins with regional-level Challenge Events. Those who win at this level will qualify for the North American Championship or the European Championship, planned for the 2024 Holiday season. These are regional finals, and the top performers from this will be playing for invitations to the 2025 World Championships, which will be happening as part of a wider open event.

Ravensburger has also confirmed that there will be additional chances to quality for the Championships, to be announced at a later date. Things like prize support, exactly how qualifying for events will work, and how to register to take part, will be available on the Lorcana site from this March.

According to the announcement, the world championships are set to be held at a larger-scale, open event. It remains to be seen if this will be an existing event like GenCon or D23 or a new Lorcana-exclusive event. Disney Lorcana world championships being held at Disney World would be pretty cool!

Set Championships

In addition to the Disney Lorcana Challenge events, there will also be a new series of Set Championships, held at qualifying local game stores, that will begin in April. These will be separate from the Challenge circuit, so winners won't be moving on to bigger events. But the top two players will have the chance to acquire new promo cards and an accompanying playmat. For the first Set Championship, the exclusive promo will be a new Enchanted Rare version of Stitch - Rock Star!

Disney Lorcana's Community Manager has shared some additional details about the Set Championships in the official Discord. Firstly, the Set Championships will be "one event per select stores in the middle of the set's OP season". In addition, she clarified that the top 4 players at each Set Championship event will receive the new promo card, while the top 2 will also get the matching playmat.

Future Set Release Dates

TheGamer also has info on the official dates of future set releases for the remainder of this year. We already know that Into the Inklands, Disney Lorcana's third set, will launch on February 23, 2024 in local game stores and March 8, 2024 at big box retailers. But now we have dates for the next three sets after that:

SetLocal Game Store ReleaseBig Box Release
Set #4May 17, 2024May 31, 2024
Set #5August 9, 2024August 23, 2024
Set #6November 15, 2024November 29, 2024

With set #4 planned to release in May, the same month as the launch of the Disney Lorcana Challenge, it is probably safe to assume that these launches will coincide. We can expect that organized play will officially begin then with the fourth set of Disney Lorcana.

What will the meta look like by then? With two more sets to go, it is anyone's guess. But you can keep abreast of the current meta developments by keeping an eye on our tier list and weekly meta reports!


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