Lorecast Announcement Recap – March 20, 2024

This article will discuss everything you need to know about all the important Disney Lorcana announcements from the first Lorecast.

The Day that we’ve all been waiting for as Disney Lorcana fans has finally arrived! The very first Lorecast Twitch stream on the Official Disney Lorcana Twitch channel has happened, with promised announcements that was filled with so much fun Lorcana stuff including the upcoming set Ursula's Return, and more! Today, we will talking about the all the important announcements from the stream.

Set 4: Ursula's Return

I don’t even know where to start! There was so much hype stuff that was on the show! So I guess the proper way to do this is to begin with what they first talked about!

They Finally revealed the Set 4 for Disney Lorcana! It’s called Ursula’s Return. Also revealing the very first Lorcana Villain, Ursula! Alongside the new set reveal, of course, are New Card Reveals and A New Game Mode! And It’s a CO-OP one! It’s all coming in May 17 and May 31 in Massive Retailers!

Disney Lorcana Announcement Set 4 Ursula's Return

Card Reveals

You can also find all card reveals in our dedicated spoiler page!

Encanto Franchise

Encanto is one of the Best Newer Disney Movies that a lot of Lorcana Fans have been waiting for. It’s Finally here! One of the things I love about Lorcana is that they make the cards feel like they are straight out of the movie. The things that the cards do is almost a direct translation of what they are on the screen.

Encanto Cards is another great example of this, with the whole Madrigal Family Synergy going for them!

Other Cards Reaveled

They didn’t stop with Encanto though. This time, Ravensburger has decided to reveal way more cards on this set compared to the previous set reveals! Here is a list of the other cards:

Other Product Reveals

New Game Mode - Illumineer's Quest

Not everyone is a fan of going against another person or people. It can be very intimidating especially if you’re a casual player. Ravensburger has decided that there should be a different way to play Disney Lorcana other than going against each other. Well everyone! We got a New Game Mode! A Co Op version of Disney Lorcana called The Illumineers Quest!

This new game mode features a new way of playing Lorcana. You can have up to 2 Players and instead of going against each other. You team up instead, to go on a quest and win a prize that is included in the Illumineer’s Quest box. There will also be 4 different levels of difficulty in the game. So far we don’t really know much more than that. We do know that cards are included in the box with 2 New Legendaries but they didn’t wanna spoil too much!

The Competitive Circuit

For our competitors out there! This is what you’ve been waiting for! The Lorcana Competitive Circuit is finally Here! It’s called the Disney Lorcana Challenge! Here’s everything we know about the Competitive scene so far!

Event Dates


In the TCG Competitive Scene a Best of 3 or Best of 1 is usually the go to format. Disney Lorcana though has a new idea and will not be following the traditional format that we are all familiar with. This will either interest you or throw you off a bit. They have decided that they will go on a new route called 2 Game Format.

It’s quite easy to understand. You play 2 games and you get to both go 1st and 2nd on both of the games. If you win a game you get a point. If you lose a game you get none. If you, however, beat your opponent in both games, you get 3 points!

It might feel weird at first but I can see the pros on this type of format. I for one hate draws. Or Losing a Game because my opponent won the first one and decided to play slow on the 2nd game until the time runs out. This new format makes a lot of sense to me. It’s simple to understand. If you place high, then just win more!

How to Qualify for Continentals

If you placed Top 8 in one of the Lorcana Challenge events, you get an Instant Invite for the Continentals. But you also have one last chance to qualify still if you don’t place Top8 on these events! On Day 0 of Continentals, there will be an Open Qualifier for it to give you one last chance to qualify for the main event!

For the World Champion though, there will be no Day 0 Open Qualifiers. Only the top players from the Championship events will Qualify for Worlds!


They still haven’t announced what the first place prize is. It could be cash, which I somewhat doubt. Or it could be a bunch of cases and exclusive cards. No one knows. But what we do know is the Prizing for Top 8-64.

  • Promo for just Attending: Dragon Fire Promo
  • Top 64: Let It Go Promo Card
  • Top 32: Cinderella - Stouthearted Promo Card
  • Top 16: Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing Promo Card
  • Top 8: Rapunzel Foil Promo Mat

Side Events

For those who want to attend the events but are not super competitive, or if you drop out early in the main event, Side Events will also be there! Now there are no details on what they will be yet. But I’m assuming they will be Draft, Sealed, or Constructed Events just like the ones we have in our Locals.


Nevertheless, these events at the end of the day are Fan Events! Whether you are competitive or not. There will be a place for you to have a great time with the Lorcana Community. They will eventually announce what the side events are and other activities you can do there. So stick around with us to keep updated with the news and announcements for Disney Lorcana for we are covering it all!

I hope you all enjoyed the Disney Lorcana March 20th Announcement and other Fun things to come to Lorcana! If you want more content like this and more, be sure to visit our Lorcana.gg homepage. Other than that, I will see you on the next one!

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