Into the Inklands Card Reveals: Lots of Atlantis cards plus Friend Like Me

The card reveals just don't stop! ScreenRant shared seven new cards from Into the Inklands, all of them from the movie Atlantis. Shortly after that, the German content creator LorcanaDACH shared a new Sapphire song card.

Card Evaluations

Whew, that's a lot of cards at once. So the 1 cost 2/2/1s are standard vanilla cards. Not much to say about them. Heart of Atlantis is like a doubled Lantern. You get double the effect for double the cost. Is that good? Normally with ink acceleration effects, you want to be playing them as early as possible. So I'm not sure waiting until turn 4 to play this is what you want to be doing in your ramp deck.

Milo Thatch - Spirited Scholar has the upside of being a 4/2 for 2 ink while he's at a location. The problem is it looks like it will always cost at least 1 ink to move a character to a location, so he's really a 4/2 for 3. You know what else is a 4/2 for 3? Lilo - Galactic Explorer. And she has 2 lore. And she sees no play. This card is pretty bad.

Helga, on the other hand, is a pretty decent little common card. For 3 you are getting a character that can challenge for 4 Strength without having to be at a location to do it. And at 4 Willpower, she will likely survive the crackback. Main problem with her is the same problem a lot of 2/4 cards are having, she gets eaten by Madam Mim - Fox.

Lyle Tiberius Rourke is probably best compared to John Silver - Space Pirate. Giving an opposing character Reckless can be quite good as it potentially forces them to make a trade they don't want to make and, more importantly, locks that character out of questing for a turn. His Thanks for Volunteering ability is not very impactful, however. We've seen lore reduction on other cards before and none have really become meta. So if you are playing Lyle, you are going to be playing him for the Reckless ability and any lore reduction will just be a small bonus.

And then we come to the Emerald Legendary, Milo Thatch - King of Atlantis. A 4/4 with 3 lore for 7 is quite expensive. But at Shift 4, you will hope to get him out earlier most of the time. It's worth noting that you have two potential Shift targets in Emerald for Milo in his 1-cost character revealed here and Morph - Space Goo. So you will want to Shift him out early and when you do, you get a strong quester that your opponent does NOT want to deal with, because of that ability. Bouncing all your opponent's characters back to their hand can be punishing, if your opponent has a big board. But there will certainly be scenarios where your opponent is just fine with removing your Milo while their board is empty or they maybe have only one character that they don't mind having returned to their hand. So his effect can be played around and, for that reason, I'm not sure he is as strong as he appears at first glance.

Lastly, we have Friend Like Me, a new Sapphire song that is ramp for people who just can't get enough ramp. Ramping 3 ink is a lot and because it's a song, you can potentially get it for free. The downside is you are also ramping your opponent and, since the ink enters your inkwell exerted, they get to use the extra ink first. This might be too much of a drawback for this card to overcome. You have to have a really good follow-up play ready if you are playing this, or else you just risk handing your opponent the win.

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