Midrange Decks – Fundamentals and How to Master

This is a guide about Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master it. We will discuss the strategy and samples of how to play Midrange.

In most card games there are 3 main archetypes of decks. These archetypes are Aggro, Control, and Midrange. Within these archetypes are different branches of playstyles that give each deck their own personalities. Today we will be discussing Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How To Master it.

Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master

Midrange Decks are the Hardest and the Highest Skill Required to play and master in Most Card Games.

They have many Critical Decision making every turn, and require a lot of knowledge to pilot. You need to understand the meaning of Value in Card games in order to master this deck. Creating tempo is crucial and in order to do so, knowing when to trade and when to quest/push is very important.

Midrange Decks can be very unforgiving for the player and requires a lot of practice to execute properly. It requires knowledge of not only your deck, but also the knowledge of what the opponent is playing or a good read on the Current Meta Game.

Despite its high unforgiving nature, In the hands of the right player, Midrange Decks are possibly the Best and the deadliest of them all due to its flexibility with deck making and Turn per Turn Plays.

Types of Midrange Decks

There are many types of Midrange Decks and in this guide we will cover 2 of the most common ones:


This deck excels in midgame. Not the Fastest, Not The Slowest. But Just right and aims to dominate at turn 3-6. Here is a sample of what the curve looks like.

Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master Curve 1

Midrange Control

This is the Bridge in Between Midrange and Control. A lot of Flexibility but the Hardest to Play and Master. Here is a sample of what the Curve looks like.

Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master Curve 2


Midrange requires a lot of skill to play and master because unlike aggro and control, it doesn't really have 1 set goal like finish fast or buy time till you can play High cost Cards that can dominate the Board.

Midrange is super flexible, this also means there’s so many lines you can play depending on what the opponent is playing. But this makes it so unforgiving sometimes because you’ll find yourself making critical decisions.

To make it easier, Focus on building Tempo and Controlling the board as much as possible. Learn when to pump the breaks as well because you don't wanna overextend.

Against Aggro

This is probably the matchup that we worry about the least. Midrange is heavily favored against aggro, especially the ones with Steel in it. Midrange in general will usually have solid body characters that are not so expensive to play and 1 of these can usually take out 2-3 of your opponent's characters on the board.

Not to mention if you are running a Steel deck, it should be a piece of cake, since you can ping your opponent's characters and usually it is enough to banish them off of the board. Grab Your Sword alone can annihilate your opponent's entire board. With Shifting and the singing mechanic of Disney Lorcana, this combo can be performed as early as turn 2 or 3.

Against Midrange

This matchup might be the hardest to play. Even though neither side is favored, the crucial decision making and the endless fight for tempo on the board can be exhausting. As I mentioned before, knowing your opponent's cards is important.

In this matchup you have to prevent your opponent from gaining any value from trades or gaining card advantage against you. You always wanna be in the driver seat and ahead on the board. Knowing that Midrange doesn't usually run board wipes is important, because you wanna play as wide as possible. Force them to contest the board. Don't give them any breathing room.

Against Control

This match up is usually not in your favor. As the main goal of Midrange is to build tempo on the board, but gainst control you are not allowed to play wide due to board wipes like Be Prepared. Do not over extend. You have to play and poke, unless you get the information that they don't have any Board Wipes in their Hand.

You will also have to play fast because you can't let it get to late game since control will dominate you there. This is one of the reasons why midrange is so hard to play. You have to play fast but not too fast against control. How do you that? It really just requires a lot of experience and decision making.

Place in the Meta

Midrange Decks are in a very healthy spot in the meta and it may always be the case. The thing is, even though you are not favored against control, the matchup percentage is much closer. A good midrange player and deck will have a 45% vs 55% win rate against control, sometimes even 49% vs 51% win rate. Unlike Aggro vs Midrange where aggro is more of 40% vs 60% win rate. Same goes for Aggro vs Control.

Steel Song for example, it usually will have a lower win rate against Control. But with a great player with great deckmaking skills, they can use techs like Sleepy's Flute to finish the game faster or Lantern to stay ahead of the curve. These techs allow them to adapt to the heavy control meta from both Ruby Amethyst Bounce Control and Sapphire Ruby Pawp Control.

Midrange Deck Samples

Here are a couple of great midrange decks from 2 of the best players in the Disney Lorcana Scene.

Steel Song Flutes - Zan Syed
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Steel Song Lantern - Brennan DeCandio
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In order to Learn Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master it, you really just need a lot of experience and knowledge. You have to play a lot of games, even just to learn it, and even way more to master it. Repetition is important. Memorizing your lines is also key since every turn might take too long since you have to make a lot of critical decisions.

I hope that this guide helped you understand Midrange Decks - Fundamentals and How to Master it. If you want more guides or other Disney Lorcana Content, don't forget to visit our Homepage Lorcana.GG for more Content!

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