Rise of the Floodborn officially releases today!

Disney Lorcana's second set Rise of the Floodborn officially launches today, November 17, in local game stores and some Disney Parks!

Disney Lorcana's second set Rise of the Floodborn is officially here! Today marks the start of the 2-week limited release period where local game stores (and some Disney parks) will have exclusive sales of Rise of the Floodborn products. To celebrate, Ravensburger has posted a short trailer:

Available for sale today are the two starter decks, booster boxes and booster packs, an Illumineer's Trove and the Disney 100 gift set.

That last one in particular is going to be available in limited quantities, so for you collectors out there, might be worth trying to grab one now. The rest of the product should get additional waves of reprints and releases over the next few months. So if you aren't able to get your hands on everything you want immediately, just be patient.

But hopefully there is enough product available today that everyone can get a little something. Let the pack opening commence! Good luck!


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