Disney Lorcana Set Championships scheduled for Apr 19-28

Ravensburger has announced the dates of the official Set Championships for Into the Inklands: April 19-28. The Set Championships are one-time competitive events that will be taking place at select retailers and game stores in the regions that Lorcana is available. The top players at each Set Championship will receive exclusive promo cards and playmats as prizes.

Set Championship Prizes

Winner: Stitch Rock Star Enchanted playmat with "Champion" title, Stitch - Rock Star Enchanted Promo card
2nd Place: Stitch Rock Star Enchanted playmat, Stitch - Rock Star Enchanted Promo card
3rd-4th Place: Stitch - Rock Star Enchanted Promo card

How to Apply

If you are an LGS owner or manager and want to apply to host a Set Championship event, Ravensburger has this to say:

Applications for retailers open today. For those stores and retailers who have been approved for Organized Play prior to February 1, you may apply for a kit at https://melee.gg/Lorcana/Retailers. Act quickly as applications close Sunday, March 17, 2024.

For retailers wondering about eligibility, if you do not see the application button on the Melee website, it likely means your store is not eligible for this event. If you believe this is an error, please contact [email protected] before Thursday, March 14.

More Info Still to Come

The Set Championships are only one-time local tournaments, although they do have some very cool prizes. But the big series of tournaments for official organized play is called the Disney Lorcana Challenge. More details for these tournaments was promised to come in March, so we should be hearing something more very soon.


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