Rise of the Floodborn Card Reveals: Donald Duck, Mother Gothel and Teeth and Ambitions

We've got a fresh batch of Rise of the Floodborn card reveals for you. The first card was revealed by Disney Lorcana's social media team, while the other two were revealed by content creators James Rhymer and Ready Set Draw TCG.

Donald Duck - Sleepwalker
Cost: 3 (inkable)
Strength: 0
Willpower: 5
Lore: 1
Text: Startled Awake Whenever you play an action, this character gets +2 ✸ this turn.
Rarity: Common

Mother Gothel - Withered and Wicked
Storyborn · Villain
Cost: 2 (inkable)
Strength: 3
Willpower: 4
Lore: 1
Text: What Have You Done?! This character enters play with 3 damage.
Rarity: Uncommon

Teeth And Ambitions
Action · Song
Cost: 2 (inkable)
Text: (A character with cost 2 or more can ↩️ to sing this song for free.)
Deal 2 damage to chosen character of yours to deal 2 damage to another chosen character.
Rarity: Rare

I don't find any of these cards particularly exciting. While Teeth and Ambitions and Mother Gothel do have some interesting synergy with the "damage your own character" theme going on in Ruby this set, neither are great on their own. They require other cards to really be effective. Same with Donald Duck, he has a lot of Willpower for his cost but the fact that he requires extra work to be able to actually challenge anything is not great. Usually in card games "good paired with other cards but bad when played on their own" cards are not good enough to see play and I feel that's where these three cards land.


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