Ursula’s Return Card Reveals: New keyword Sing Together

After we got a sneak peek of a new Shift mechanic coming in Ursula's Return, now we have the unveiling of a new keyword as well. Courtesy of TheGamer, the new keyword coming to Disney Lorcana is Sing Together, which allows you to exert multiple characters to sing one song.

Card Evaluations

First off, I love the idea behind this. Ensemble songs are a staple of Disney's musicals and it is really cool to see them translated into Lorcana like this. Exerting multiple characters to literally "sing together" is just a total flavor win.

Now as to whether I think these might see play, it's hard to say. Songs are obviously very powerful but, up until now, most songs were cheap enough to be sung fairly easily. With these though, you might never be able to sing them if you just don't get enough characters to stick to the board. And then, to top if off, most of these Sing Together cards are uninkable. Expensive and uninkable is a bad combination.

That being said, a few of these have very powerful effects. Drawing 5 cards, dealing 9 damage, bouncing multiple characters; these may be worth the trade-off of having them potentially get stuck in your hand. I think ultimately some of these are worth running 1 or 2 of in your deck. I can see Singer characters being very valuable in a deck with these cards, as it will make them much easier to sing. So Amber/X may be the deck you want to try out if you are looking to use the Sing Together cards.

More Reveals

The reveals have been coming fast and furious and I haven't been able to cover every one with a post, but you can still see all the cards revealed so far from Ursula's Return on our set 4 spoiler page!


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