Lorcana Challenge

Disney Lorcana Challenge – Player Cap Increased to 2048!

Everything we know so far about the new competitive event circuit for the Disney Lorcana. Event locations, dates, ticket prices, and more.

Similar to Magic: The Gathering's Grand Prix circuit, a new competitive series of Disney Lorcana Challenge events will be held with the release of the upcoming Set 4: Ursula's Return in North America and Europe. It will feature qualifications to bigger tournaments, new promo cards, side events, and more!

Update - April 6, 2024

Hello Illumineers, after some additional time working with our event partners, we’re happy to announce that we will be increasing the player cap for all events! For the events in Atlanta and Lille, we will be increasing the player cap of the main event to 2048.


We are looking to resume future Challenge ticket sales as early as next week, so keep an eye out for links to additional events.

ATLANTA - Additional tickets will become available only to those on the current waitlist in waves starting this Sunday 4/7. If you are on the waitlist and chosen to purchase, you should receive an email giving you a 24-hour window to purchase a ticket. Please act quickly, as you can only purchase during that window. If you miss the window, it will become available to another player on the waitlist.

LILLE - Additional tickets will go on sale Monday at 20:00 CEST at Tournament Center’s ticket page.


For anyone attending Atlanta, we are moving the event across the street to the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC). Fans have noted that there is a convention happening in the GWCC on the same weekend, rest assured there will be clear signage for Disney Lorcana Challenge and attendees will not need to purchase any additional tickets or badges.


Now, what does that mean for the remaining events? All events will increase in size, some larger than others. At minimum we’ll be doubling the player caps, and increasing higher than that when venue capacity is possible. When the player count in a tournament is at 1025 or higher, Continental Championship qualifications and promo card prizing will scale. We will go into more detail on this when we share the final prize list.


To address feedback that tickets should only be going to those players looking to attend the event, we plan to use Melee (our tournament platform) for future event tickets to ensure all who purchase tickets are doing so with the account they're registering for the tournament with. This gives us more control over removing bad actors not only from an individual event, but future Disney Lorcana events as well. Additionally, we're cross referencing current ticket sales with Melee accounts to accomplish the same goal.


One final piece of information. Our plan has been to ramp up and build upon the Disney Lorcana Challenge over time. Due to the demand, we are accelerating some of our plans and will add a few additional events that will take place prior to the Continental Championships. More details to come.


Thank you for your patience as we've worked towards addressing this incredible demand for Disney Lorcana Challenge events. The entire team wants to do the best we can for our players, so please bear with us as we work through these early stages. We're humbled by your excitement and can't wait to see you at Disney Lorcana Challenge events this year.

Announcement - March 21, 2024

Illumineers across the globe will soon be able to compete in the Disney Lorcana Challenge, a new competitive event circuit for the Disney Lorcana TCG. Launching May 25, Disney Lorcana Challenge offers players the chance to win exclusive prizes, including an extended art Dragon Fire promo card for all participants.

Additionally, players can earn other extended art versions of popular cards from previous releases, including Let It Go, Cinderella – Stouthearted and Rapunzel – Gifted With Healing. The top four players at each event will also receive serialized, extended art versions of Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor.

Disney Lorcana Challenge launches with events in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and in Lille, France. The circuit will feature side events such as Disney Villainous tournaments, which were featured at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged in 2023. Head to disneylorcana.com for details on the full schedule, rules, tickets and any other updates as they’re available.

For our competitors out there! This is what you’ve been waiting for! The Lorcana Competitive Circuit is finally Here! It’s called the Disney Lorcana Challenge! Here’s everything we know about the Competitive scene so far!

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Event Details

North America



With the first event on May 25 and release date of Set 4: Ursula's Return on May 17 (to local game stores), will not be legal. While the current rules say that you can play sets as soon as they're released, Lorcana will have updated rules for Challenge that specify you have to wait 3 weeks after Hobby release (1 week after mass release).

  • 9 rounds of Swiss
    • Games will be played in 2-game Rounds.
    • End of the day the Top-32 players will proceed to Top Cut
  • Top 32 players Single Elimination
    • Day-2 games will be played in Best-Of-3 Rounds

The "2-Game" rules for the Swiss rounds are as follows. You play two games and both players have a go at going first and second:

  • A round is 2 games long or until time is called. (following the standard end-of-round procedures)
  • A player earns 1 point for their ranking per game they win in the round.
  • If a player wins both games, they earn an additional bonus point for a total of 3 points in the round.
  • At the start of the match when a die is rolled, the winner of this roll decides whether they want to start game 1 or game 2 of their match. The other player will start the match that is not selected by the winner of the die roll.


If you placed top 8 in one of the Lorcana Challenge events, you get an instant invite for the Continentals. But you also have one last chance to qualify still if you don’t place top 8 on these events! On Day 0 of Continentals, there will be an Open Qualifier for it to give you one last chance to qualify for the main event!

For the World Champion though, there will be no Day 0 Open Qualifiers. Only the top players from the Championship events will Qualify for Worlds.


  • Participation: 001-130-dragon-fire
  • Top 64: Promo Let It Go
  • Top 32: Promo Cinderella - Stouthearted
  • Top 16: Promo Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing
  • Top 8: Rapunzel Foil Promo Playmat
  • Top 4: Serialized Gold Promo 001-115
  • Top 2: To be announced!

Side Events

The circuit will feature side events such as Disney Villainous tournaments, which were featured at Gen Con and PAX Unplugged in 2023.


With that, Disney Lorcana's organized play is slowly starting to take place. With no official rule set or card bans and restrictions in place so far, it will be interesting to see how it all shapes up.

More information about the schedule and tickets will be posted on the official Disney Lorcana website - so keep your eyes peeled!