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Set 5 - Prince John - Gold Lover Leak Thumbnail

Lorcana Set 5 Leaks

Official spoilers for Disney Lorcana’s Set 4, Ursula’s Return are starting to trickle in with the set still not due for another month (Local Game Store release date: May 17, 2024), and a bunch of cards have been leaked for…

Lorcana Set 4 Leaks

Lorcana Set 4: Ursula’s Return Leaks

Official spoilers for Disney Lorcana’s Set 4: Ursula’s Return has started, but it seems someone has got a hold of the cards fresh from the printer before they are released on May 17, 2024. It appears the leaker has taken…

Set 3: Into the Inklands Products

The flood has washed precious lore far into the Inklands! Eager to recover what was lost, adventurous Illumineers head into the unknown reaches of the realm. Wonders and mystery await them at every turn, but their goal remains. The scattered lore…

Lorcana Set 3 Leak Thumbnail

Lorcana Set 3 Leaks

Spoilers for Disney Lorcana’s Set 2, Rise of the Floodborn has barely been out and already, cards for Set 3 has been leaked! Some cards from Set 3 looks to have been leaked by a user on Discord, who took…