Into the Inklands Card Reveal: 99 Puppies

We got one more Into the Inklands card reveal today, this one on the This Week In Ink podcast. It's a whole lot of puppies!

99 Puppies
Cost: 5 (uninkable)
Whenever one of your characters quests this turn, gain 1 lore.
Rarity: Uncommon

Card Evaluation

Another card for the 101 Dalmatians deck, this action can be a big lore burst option for decks that want to go wide, as the Dalmatian deck does. The problem here is it costs five ink AND it is uninkable. That means it is going to be sitting in your hand doing nothing for much of the game. If this card were cheaper, or maybe if it was a song, I could see a case for making it uninkable. At 5-cost though, this card really needed to be inkable to make the cut. As it is, I don't think it is playable. Cute! But unplayable.

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