Into the Inklands Card Reveal: Wendy – Authority on Peter Pan

Ravensburger has posted a new card reveal for Disney Lorcana's third set Into the Inklands on their official Lorcana social media channels.

Wendy Darling - Authority on Peter Pan
Storyborn · Hero
Cost: 3 (inkable)
Strength: 3
Willpower: 1
Card text: Ward (Opponents can't choose this character except to challenge.)
Support (Whenever this character quests, you may add their ✸ to another chosen character's ✸ this turn.)
Rarity: Super Rare

Card Evaluation

Ward is a good ability but this card feels a bit underwhelming, especially for a Super Rare. We'll have to wait and see the rest of the set though, maybe there are more things that trigger off of Support such as Pete - Bad Guy[card] and [card]Alice - Growing Girl that can make this card a worthwhile inclusion to a deck.

More Spoilers

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