Into the Inklands Card Reveals: More Locations and more Legendaries

The latest batch of Into the Inklands card reveals gave us a whole host of new locations as well as five new legendaries! These were revealed by ioGioco, TheGamer, Dicebreaker and IGN.

Hydra - Deadly Serpent
Cost: 6 (uninkable)
Strength: 6
Willpower: 5
Lore: 2
Watch Out For The Teeth Whenever this character takes damage, inflict the same amount of damage on chosen opposing character.
Rarity: Legendary

Card Evaluations

These are some very cool locations and legendaries! With our set review just around the corner, I'm not going to spend a ton of time diving deep into each card but we'll evaluate them as a whole.

I love how thematic each of the locations feel. Both in the Disney universe but also they each sport an ability that is very on-brand for their ink color. All of these locations offering both passive lore gain and a strong ability may just be enough for people to want these in their decks, even if they aren't running a full location deck. We may see "location packages" splashed into decks of various ink combinations, which is likely what the Lorcana game designers were going for with this initial release of the card type. I'm excited to try them out!

The legendaries are no less exciting. Two themes emerge from the legendaries revealed here: alternate lore gain and tempo gain. We have Jafar and Gramma Tala offering us ways to gain lore outside of just questing. And we have Perdita and Ursula giving us pseudo-card draw, by playing things from the discard pile, and tempo, allowing us to play those things for free. These are all powerful effects and certainly worthy of their legendary status.

More Spoilers

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