Ravensburger introduces a new official format for Disney Lorcana, Willpower League

Disney Lorcana currently has two formats, constructed and sealed, but now Ravensburger has just announced that they are launching a new official format called Willpower League. First reported by TheGamer, this format will debut at PAX Unplugged and is said to be tailored to large-scale events such as conventions, but it could possibly be scaled down and played at local game stores.

The format is referred to as a King of the Hill-style event where players compete with each other in an attempt to “hold [your] seat during the event to win prizes”. The Disney Lorcana community manager added some additional detail on how this works in the official Discord. Essentially, there is a waiting list for players to enter the tournament. Once you have a seat, you need to keep winning games or get sent back to the waiting list. At the end of the event, all players still holding a seat will get a prize, with additional prizes being awarded to those who racked up the most wins during the event.

It makes sense they would utilize this format at large events. It sounds like you can have a small amount of tables and cycle through many players throughout the event, hopefully giving everyone a chance to play multiple games. It hasn't been confirmed but I would guess that the games will just be 1-ofs, instead of the best-of-3 that is generally used in the constructed tournament format. If you get an unlucky draw and lose in your first game, you should be able to get another seat, and over time the amount of games you play will even out your luck and the best decks and best players will rise to the top.

It will be interesting to see if this new Willpower League format gets used in the official competitive circuit coming next year or if Ravensburger will stick with the constructed format. It probably will depend partially on how this initial attempt at the Willpower League goes.

PAX Unplugged runs from Dec. 1-3 in Philadelphia, PA with the Willpower League event being held on Dec. 2 at 2.30pm and will be open to all attendees. There is also a constructed tournament being held on Dec. 2, however registration for that is now closed.


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