Ravensburger launches official Disney Lorcana Discord server

Ravensburger has announced via social media that they have launched an official Discord server dedicated to Disney Lorcana. They have indicated that this server will be used for official communication, future card reveals, coordinating official Lorcana events and just as a general gathering place for the Lorcana community.

The Ravensburger team had been active in the fan Discord prior to this, even posting exclusive card reveals and rule clarifications. So it was only a matter of time that they would launch their own Discord. This allows them to better control communication and ensure the server is being run with values aligned with the company's values. Not that the fan server was being run poorly, but having control over the Discord was probably a smart move in the long term.

Looking forward to getting regular communications from the Ravensburger and Lorcana team. And interested in seeing what sort of official events may be planned and announced.


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