Into the Inklands Card Reveal: I’ve Got a Dream

The holiday season is upon us... and so is spoiler season! Ravensburger has shared a new Into the Inklands card on their social media accounts. It is a new Ruby song card called I've Got a Dream.

I've Got a Dream
Action · Song
Cost: 2 (inkable)
Text: (A character with cost 2 or more can ↩️ to sing this song for free.)
Ready chosen character of yours at a location. They can't quest for the rest of this turn. Gain lore equal to that location's ♢.
Rarity: Uncommon

This card highlights why you would want characters to go to locations even basic vanilla ones like Forbidden Mountain. Letting you ready a character while gaining some additional lore seems like it can be pretty good and since it is a song, you can do it for free. Overall, I think this card looks pretty good and could be very strong in aggressive Amethyst/Ruby bounce decks.


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