Into the Inklands Card Reveal: Kida – Royal Warrior

After a whirlwind of reveals at the end of last week, we got a bit of a break over the weekend, but now the Into the Inklands reveals have started up again. Over on Twitter and Instagram, Ravensburger revealed another new Kida card, this one for Steel.

Kida - Royal Warrior
Storyborn · Hero · Princess
Cost: 2 (inkable)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 3
Lore: 1
Bodyguard (This character may enter play exerted. An opposing character who challenges one of your characters must choose one with Bodyguard if able.)
Rarity: Common

Card Evaluation

This is a color-swapped Simba - Protective Cub. Simba is a good card, especially in aggressive decks that want to protect their high 1-drops like Maleficent - Biding Her Time. So I imagine this card could see play in those types of decks. The nice thing about this card existing is it opens up that type of play style to more ink colors and combinations.

More Evaluations

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