Into the Inklands product line-up revealed

The spoilers for Into the Inklands continue but we also have recently gotten more details and images of the product line-up for Disney Lorcana's third set. Hat tip to for tracking down the images and info!


Boosters for Into the Inklands will come in one of three package designs with either Minnie Mouse, Jafar, or Piglet gracing the front. There will also be the booster box, which comes with 24 booster packs. The booster boxes will be shrink-wrapped for the first time as an additional security measure against tampering.

Booster Pack – US $5.99 / Can $7.99 / UK £4.99 / EU €5.99
Booster Box – US $143.76 / Can $191.76 / UK £119.76 / EU €143.76

Starter Decks

There will be two new starter decks released for Into the Inklands, one Amber/Emerald and one Ruby/Sapphire. The decks will come with foil versions of the cards on the packaging, in addition to a booster pack and a full deck list that has yet to be revealed.

Starter Deck – USD $16.99 / Can $21.99 / UK £17.99 / EU €19.99

Illumineer's Trove

There will once again be an Illumineer's Trove which will likely contain the same or similar items as the last two Troves. These had an art / collection book, a card storage box, two deck boxes, 8 booster packs as well as assorted damage counters and a lore token.

Illumineer’s Trove – US $49.99 / Can $64.99 / UK £49.99 / EU €54.99

Gift Set

After not having a gift set specifically for Rise of the Floodborn, Ravensburger has revealed one for Into the Inklands. The gift set will come with two regular foil cards and two oversize foil cards of Stitch - Covert Agent and Tinker Bell - Very Clever Fairy as well as 4 booster packs and 2 lore trackers.

Gift Set – US $29.99 / Can $39.99 / UK £27.99 / EU €29.99


For Into the Inklands accessories, Ravensburger is releasing two new deck boxes, two new sets of sleeves and two new playmats.

Deck Box – US $5.99 / Can $7.99 / UK £5.49 / EU €5.99
Sleeves – US $9.99 / Can $12.99 / UK £8.99 / EU €9.99
Play Mats – US $19.99 / Can $24.99 / UK £17.99 / EU €19.99


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