Rise of the Floodborn Card Reveals: Floodborn Madam Mim and Tuk Tuk

The card reveals for Rise of the Floodborn are nonstop these days. Once again, we have two more reveals from German content creators, the first from Hunter & Friends and the other from Lisertan.

Madam Mim - Merlin's Rival
Floodborn · Villain · Sorcerer
Cost: 5 (inkable)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 5
Lore: 2
Text: Shift 4 (You may pay 3 ⬡ to play this on top of one of your characters named Madam Mim.)
Gruesome and Grim ↩️ - Play a character with cost 4 or less for free. They gain Rush. At the end of the turn, banish them. (They can challenge the turn they are played.)
Rarity: Rare

Tuk Tuk - Wrecking Ball
Storyborn · Ally
Cost: 4 (uninkable)
Strength: 4
Willpower: 5
Lore: 0
Text: Reckless (This character can't quest and must challenge each turn if able.)
Rarity: Rare

Card Evaluations

Even more Madam Mim cards? OK then. This one is interesting as she has the Gruesome and Grim ability tacked on to her, so you can keep exerting her each turn to rush out characters from your hand for free. In a "bounce" deck, with all the Merlins, that is pretty appealing. I don't know where else she would be a fit though, so if that deck isn't good enough, this Floodborn Mim isn't going to see any play.

I'm trying to figure out why Tuk Tuk is a card when Maui - Hero to All is just better in every respect. Sure, he costs 1 more ink, but he has 2 more Strength, is inkable and, best of all, has Rush. If Tuk Tuk was a common, maybe he would be an option for limited formats over Maui. But they are both rares. Very strange design decision here, I don't get it. The card is just bad. Love the art though!


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