Lorcana Set 4 Leaks

Lorcana Set 4: Ursula’s Return Leaks

Official spoilers for Disney Lorcana's Set 4: Ursula's Return has started, but it seems someone has got a hold of the cards fresh from the printer before they are released on May 17, 2024.

It appears the leaker has taken pictures of a number of the Super Rare cards from Set 4 booster packs and released them on Facebook.

This is a similar situation to what happened for Set 3: Into the Inklands leaks, which happened on a much larger scale. If any more cards are leaked this way, we will add them here.

Before you view the cards, remember: These are unofficial, unconfirmed leaks from a third party source so view at your own risk!

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Noi - Acrobatic Baby (Leak)


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