Into the Inklands Card Reveals: Location support cards and Cursed Merfolk

We got a bundle of new card reveals from Into the Inklands shown off by Lorcana content creators. First, we had a reveal by Lorcana Illuminary on Instagram. And then, our frequent contributor Scott from The Forbidden Mountain got to show off a couple of new cards on his YouTube channel!

Cursed Merfolk - Ursula's Handiwork
Cost: 1 (uninkable)
Strength: 0
Willpower: 1
Lore: 2
Poor Souls Whenever this character is challenged, each opponent chooses and discards a card.
Rarity: Rare

Cost: 1 (inkable)
Move up to 2 characters of yours to the same location for free.
Rarity: Common

Map of Treasure Planet
Cost: 3 (inkable)
Key To The Portal ↩️ - You pay 1 ⬡ less for the next location you play this turn.
Show The Way You pay 1 ⬡ less to move your characters to a location.
Rarity: Rare

Vault Door
Cost: 4 (inkable)
Sealed Away Your locations and characters at locations gain Resist +1. (Damage dealt to them is reduced by 1.)
Rarity: Common

Card Evaluations

Some spicy new cards here! First up, Cursed Merfolk is a very powerful new card for aggressive decks. You can compare it to Lilo - Making a Wish and Maleficent - Biding Her Time, except you are trading 1 Strength for the Poor Souls ability. But the 1 Strength is mostly meaningless for those cards while the ability of forcing a discard has some impact. It means this card will usually trade 1-for-1 in card advantage, which the other two cards are almost never doing. Yes, your opponent can remove this card without having to discard by using an action or some other non-challenge removal. But this can happen to the other 1-cost 2-lore characters as well and you are generally fine with that trade, provided you got a quest or two from it first. This is now arguably the best 1-drop in the game for aggro decks.

The next two cards are location and, especially, movement enablers. Voyage is an action that lets you move two characters to a location for only 1 cost. To make it worth it though, you really want to move to a location with at least a movement cost of 2. Even then, you are spending a card to do it. If this card cycled itself, maybe it would be good enough to see play, but as it is, I don't think it's worth a spot.

Map of Treasure Planet, on the other hand, is an item that gives you a permanent movement cost discount. It also includes an activated ability to play locations for 1 ink cheaper. These are both very powerful effects. If you play this and immediately play a location and move two characters there, you've effectively played this item for free. And then you have the rest of the game to continue to get value from it. You can also stack multiple of these for additional cost reduction. The only question is: are locations going to be good enough to see play? It's too early to judge but certainly, if a location deck is viable, this card will be a large reason why.

Lastly, Vault Door is an item which gives your locations and characters some additional protection from challenges and direct damage. The issue with this card is it is very expensive. You are playing this on turn 4, but all the locations revealed so far are coming down earlier or on the same turn. Having to play the location protector item after the locations have already been played seems a bit counter-productive. To really make effective use of this, you would need to ramp quickly or cheat it out some how. Ultimately, I think that will mean this card needs too much support and as such will prove too clunky to see play.

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